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Our Ministries



The children’s ministry exists to train young hearts to love God and love others.  The children’s ministry offers various ministries such as Awana, Sunday school, Divorce Care for children and a plethora of ministry opportunities throughout the year.



The Men’s Ministry’s is to encourage and unite the men of Antioch in their journey to become fully devoted followers of Christ! It provides an environment for men through study to learn the true nature of biblical manhood and discipleship.  



The purpose of Antioch Women's Ministry is to disciple women to exemplify God's standard for womanhood. This includes teaching, supporting and encouraging our sisters in God's Word and to live a life that brings Him glory.



Oasis student ministries exists to train teenage hearts to love God and love others. Oasis Student ministries offers various ministries such as Awana, Encounter (youth praise service), SAT Prep, Dance Ministry and various ministry activities throughout the year.



The goal of the Family Life Ministry is to illuminate each person with Christ centered standards. Family Life Ministry ministers to the total family, which includes seniors, married couples, parents and single adults.



We provide Short-Term & Long-Term Mission Support to several missionaries both locally and internationally. The missionaries are to evangelize and minister to people with a variety of fellowships, gospel presentations, conferences and discipleship opportunities.


Antioch Bible institute

Additional Information


The purpose of the Antioch Bible Institute (ABI) is to teach its students the Word of God so that they may be better equipped to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in evangelism and in the edification of His Church. ABI is a ministry of the Antioch Baptist Church.


This is a three-year  (six-semester) program of study with each semester lasting sixteen weeks.  Students may enter at the beginning of any semester, and will graduate after satisfactorily completing the six semesters, passing all exams, and completion of all course requirements. Graduates receive a Certificate of Biblical Studies.



Chapel Period - 6:30 - 6:50

Old Testament - 7:00 - 7:50

New Testament - 8:10 - 9:00

Theology - 9:10 - 10:00


The following materials are required:

• The Bible (ESV preferred)

• Willmington’s Guide to the Bible (WGB)

• ABI Student Study Guide (SSG)

These books, and other useful reference materials, are available through ABI and must be purchased prior to the first class of the semester.  Families may share a WGB.  These are the only items presently required to successfully complete all of the courses. 



The OT Course consists of 96 lessons, which divide the OT into the following nine stages:

• Creation Stage

• United Kingdom Stage

• Patriarchal Stage

• Chaotic Kingdom Stage

• Exodus Stage

• Babylonian Captivity Stage

• Conquest Stage

• Return Stage

• Judges Stage                       

These nine stages will chronologically cover the entire OT from Genesis to Malachi


The NT Course consists of 96 lessons that divide the NT into the following three stages:

• The Gospel Stage  - Matthew through John

• The Early Church Stage – The Acts

• The Epistle Stage – Romans thru Revelation


The Theology Course consists of 96 lessons covering the following twelve theological topics:

• The Father - The Church

• The Son - The Bible

• The Holy Spirit - Man

• The Trinity - Satan

• Sin - Angels

• Salvation - Prophecy